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Bankruptcy Sucks! It REALLY Sucks! It sucks SO BAD!!!   

Almost a decade behind me, I can still remember those feelings of guilt, shame, hopelessness, and embarrassment like it was yesterday.  The feeling of being totally done, totally broken, the feeling of not being worthy.
You know, people who say money isn’t important are usually the people who have never had to struggle with money. When you have a baby to feed, a skyrocketing mortgage, working tons of hours on limited sleep, maxed out on every credit card, and then your husband looses his job… money seems pretty important.  
Did you know that 40% of everyone in the US is spending more than they bring home! Most of 2009 had over 100k Bankruptcy filings per month – That’s 100 THOUSAND PER MONTH! 
I’m not saying this to say what I did was right or that is what YOU should do! The only reason I’m telling you this is because if you have been in a similar position like my family or maybe you’re in that position now… to know that YOU will be able to continue. YOU will be able to get through this time.    
You will be okay. And, you are WORTHY!
I didn’t realize at the time I was using art to heal. Each day there was so much shame that I started painting to not think about it.   Being on the beach inspired me to paint surfboards, which ended up leading into my first official business using art.    
If I wouldn’t have gone through this unbearable fear I would have never reached the other side of discovering what I was actually capable of. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways.
I remember the first day setting up that Summer. I was about to throw up I was so nervous. I was not even 30 years old yet, lost everything and who am I to try and start a business, not just a business, but a painting business.  
No sales! I was just sitting in the hot sun thinking about my failures my mother-in-law suggests we take a break and go to Buffalo Wild Wings to have a few drinks.  
So as I sit at the bar drowning my sorrows, my husband calls and says to hurry back because we have orders! ORDERS! I think he’s lying, but he insists so I rush back over in a tipsy state.
I remember looking at my husband and him holding up the stack of papers that were all orders from customers saying, “You need to paint!” At that moment, I was lifted from the bottom and catapulted to the top.  
I knew that God had a plan and that my situation could change. That my family would be alright.   
I painted with the biggest smile on my face that night and went on to sell over 1000 hand painted surfboards in just two months making over 20,000 just working 3 days a week! Some of my best memories are on that little 10X10 foot of payment in front of Starbucks at Pier Park!
The reason I share all of this is because I know you can do whatever you want to do! 
If your like most of American’s you are probably trying to find ways to make extra income; whether it’s to help pay for your kids summer camp or to have a little extra to do a fun road trip.  Heck, you might just want some extra to help pay the bills or even go on a little shopping spree at Marshall’s (MY FAV)!

Whatever the motive, I have the solution!

Introducing PAINT PARTY HEADQUARTERS! Over the past decade I’ve been mentoring people all over the world on how to make money with Paint Parties: Online, In-person, and with Art Kits! 
The biggest pain point I’ve found is artists feel like they are not sure what to teach. They get excited about throwing paint parties, but get stuck with things like: what to paint, what how to price, how to market, and how to get “butts-in-seats”!
I would be honored to help you along your Creative Business journey and help you turn your passions into PROFIT!
Don’t let whatever block is there stop you! One of the ladies in Paint Party Headquarters just started painting about 5 months ago and NOW she had hosted tons of parties since January! And, I can show you how to too!
I have faith in you. And, who knows what it may turn into.