Do you watch This is Us?  

The way they tell stories in this series in unbelievable.    I usually ugly cry most episodes, but the one recently was really meaningful to me.

It talks about how meeting a stranger can entirely change the course of your life.   I mean when you think about it… our friends, kids, and spouses are all strangers until they are not. 

As I watched the newest episode it had me thinking of people in my life that have been so instrumental in shaping who I am today. 

First of course Bobby.   Oh how I love that man.   It’s like God knew I needed a calm and patient soul to deal with all my wacky creativeness. 

When he wraps his arms around me he is literally like a security blanket.   My anxiety can almost instantly go away.   (Ladies – Hands off… he’s my blanket!)     I have know idea how he does that, but I am so thankful he can!  I met Bobby when I was barely 15 and we have been together since.  We have grown up together.  I think about all the things that had to be orchestrated for us to meet and fall in love… then decide to build a life together.    When looking at all that has happened over 25 years it can seem impossible, but when you look back on a life in decades of time it seems short!  

Time has a funny way of tricking us doesn’t it.   

Then I think about Pixie.   Yes, she’s my child, but pretty much a stranger until we got to know one another.    It took quite a while for us to understand each other.  Yes, it was love at first sight, but I would be lying if I said motherhood came naturally to me.   But, we adjusted.. we grew together and are still learning new things everyday.   The other day she left me a note, “I made coffee if you want some”.   Yes, I purposely have helped my daughter love coffee so we would be able to have “coffee talks” her whole life!  (Don’t judge… it’s working!).   But, her sweet note of thinking about me so I could sleep in made me wake up with a smile!   It’s like God knew the perfect child to entrust to me.   And oh, what a gift she has been and continues to be.   

Then I think about friends I met through the years.   There’s those that come and go and serve a purpose for a short time.   Then there’s those that stay with you longer as you travel through life.   There’s also those you meet at an age when you think the new friendships phase has done passed you by.  But then you realize… God keeps bringing new people into our lives for a reason if we let Him.   

I truly value them all.   I cherish them all.  Again, they all have a purpose.   Are they teaching us something about ourselves or are we teaching them without knowing it.    

In the end it’s all about helping each other anyway.  

Who in your life was once a stranger and now you can’t imagine them not being a huge part of your story?   

I hope you can find value in that relationship and remember God put that person there for a reason.   

Extremely Grateful,


PS:  How does this have to do with Paint Parties!?    You will meet so many people as you teach your paint parties!   I have made some of my closest friendships through Paint Parties!   Just keep your eyes open and notice what gifts God is giving in the form of friendships!