I would be lying if I said I had time management totally figured out, but I do have a couple of quick tips for you! 

 1.  Only check email ONCE a day!    I know.. it’s hard and you think you will miss a paint party opportunity…. BUT if you check all the time it will drive you nuts!    Set a 20 minute timer on your phone and check email like you are on Super Market Sweep!   (remember that show!  It was so good!) 

  2.  Turn your FB message notifications OFF!    Wait… What did that girl say!!!??? 

Yes, this is scary for some of you, but I promise you can still check them whenever.    I did this over 2 years ago and it helps keep me sane!    I’m not constantly having to look at my phone for every notification.   Do I miss some… yes…. BUT it allows me to be in control and not my phone.  

 These 2 little tips will hopefully add some time back into your life so you can do the fun stuff like PAINT!!!!! Extremely Grateful,Heidi PS:  Watch your email for Nov 10th, 11th, and 12th!!!!    Something cool is coming!!! Oh, and did you register for the Paint Big Snowman 3-Day Challenge!  There will be prizes, but you must register HERE!