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OK, so those of you in the Paint Party Business world need art for your business. You are probably thinking “How am I going to create original art for Summer or Fall or even Christmas?”. Well, you can FRANKENSTEIN your next painting! Frankensteining is a great way to find inspiration and create new art pieces for your paint party business.

paintings of a flamingo and hibiscus on the beach

What is Frankensteining?

Say you saw a painting on Pinterest, like a painting of a Tiki Hut on a beach. And you want to do something similar but you don’t want to copy it exactly. I mean, you do not want to get in trouble because of copyrights. When you Frankenstein this piece you will take inspiration from multiple pieces of art and combine them to make them your own. Here are 3 tips to help you create original art for your paint party business.

decorative surfboards

Tip 1: You need to find out what is on trend

There was one time I was in a doctor’s office trying to come up with a new design for Fall. I was on Pinterest looking up Fall paintings and designs to see what was on trend or popular. Pinterest is a great place to search for ‘on-trend’ designs. You can even create a board (private or not) to put all of your inspiration pins on.

Tip 2: Draw thumbnails

As you are looking through your inspiration pieces that you pinned or even just browsing Pinterest (or even google) start drawing thumbnails. For example, you find a couple of paintings of owls and you like the eyes from one, the feathers from another and maybe the colors from a third painting. Start drawing out those owls with the different elements from each image.

wood cut out of tee pee painted with the word wanderlust

Tip 3: Combine your thumbnails to create original art

Grab a new sheet of paper or page in your journal and start combining all of the elements. Maybe you liked the placement of a tree in one painting and the background colors in another. Then draw out your owl, the eyes that you like, the feathers, where the owl is located in the picture. In the end you will have a completely new painting that is on trend and ready to go!

Have you created a new piece of art? If so I’d love to see it! Click here to text it to me.

Watch me Frankenstein here:

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