My daughter Pixie has helped me with my paint party business for years! She recently went live and painted an adorable butterfly and shared her 3 tips when teaching a paint party.

Tip 1 – Have Fun!

Have fun, it’s a paint party! Pixie would even have fun helping out, she would always bring a friend or two help out. They would get everything done super quickly and sometimes try to get in to some shenanigans.

Tip 2 – Bring Help!

When you have more than 10 people at the paint party bring help. I hire Pixie and her friends to help out with the parties and they love it! They help set up, answer questions and break down. For a lot more than 10 people you will need a lot more help. Putting on a paint party is a lot of work!

Tip 3 – Overpack!

You never want to run out of supplies. A couple of weeks ago we ran out of tablecloths at a paint party and we had to get some from the people who were there. So, bring extra tablecloths, paints, canvases, etc. This way you are prepared and have everything you need and more!

Pixie had so much sharing her tips for teaching a paint party and painting the butterfly with everyone! She got a ton of stars on her video and even shared how she is collecting license plates!!

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Pixie Easley holding up license plates

Watch her paint and listen in for even more paint party tips from the audience in this video!

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