I’m so excited to share this 4th July Gnome with you! Not only will I show you how to paint it in the video below but you can also get the tracer for FREE! The best part though, once you sign up to get the FREE tracer it will give you an option to purchase 10 more seasonal Gnome tracers for just $10! That’s just $1 per tracer!!  

Yes, I know, it’s only April and I’m already painting a 4th of July Gnome, I’ll tell you why in just a minute! I’ll even tell you how we can create joy for ourselves.  So, we have a lot to talk about, Gnomes, early 4th of July paintings and creating joy!

seasonal gnome paintings

Why Paint a 4th of July Gnome Now?

You are probably wondering, “Why the heck are we painting a 4th of July Gnome in April?”.  Those of you that are new to me, I teach people how to make money teaching paint parties, either online, in person or through art kits. Now, when you are in the paint party world, you are always a season or two ahead. I know it sounds crazy but you always have to be thinking ahead. That’s what we do for you in Paint Party Headquarters!

Let’s Talk About Joy!

How many of you find healing through painting? When I’m having a hard time, I know I can crank up my music and just paint. Especially if I have some good Christian music. It’s as if I’m worshiping while creating. I get experience joy while creating! Even something as silly as this cute little gnome painting. It could spark that joy again!

seasonal gnomes paintings, acrylic craft paint on canvas

Gnomes Aren’t Just for Canvas

I’ve seen so many Paint Party Headquarters members painting these gnomes as this parties. Y’all this cannot just be done on a small canvas. You can paint this on a porch leaner or even a door hanger. This can be done in so many different ways.

Painting Gnomes

I had so much fun with these Gnomes that I painted 11 of them in a just a couple of days.  You all kept asking for the 4th of July Gnome so here I am painting it just for you! So, crank up some music, grab the FREE tracer and maybe even all 11 tracers and let’s start painting!

Text ‘GNOME’ to +1 817-373-5478 for the FREE 4th of July Gnome Tracer

Watch Me Paint the 4th of July of Gnome in This Video:

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