A Rare Moment

It’s one of those rare moments when I’m deep in thought just enjoying putting color on a paper. No Facebook Lives… No talking… just a time-lapse going as I blast some praise music.

It’s not an intense project. If you zoom in you can see its crayons and watercolor. But, something about blasting some praise music, drinking some coffee, and just enjoying the process. So thankful in all the craziness of the world we have a place to escape and let our mind wander.

To the Artist

I just wanted to take a minute to speak to all the artists out there. We are a sensitive bunch of folks. It’s not that other people don’t feel or care, but something with our creative spirit makes us highly in tune to others feelings and fears. At the same time it also makes us question our own self worth. Our own fears sneak up on us and try to haunt us with words of self doubt and who am I to be doing this. Who am I to start a membership?

What I’ve learned as an artist… as a human… and as a person who has felt all of those things more times than I’d like to admit, is that we CANNOT be defined by those feelings.

We can’t let self doubt creep in and ruin what hope we have in the future.

We are about to hit our 2 year anniversary of Paint Party Headquarters in May with almost 800 members and even as my membership grew I had those feelings of self doubt bubble up.

What I have really learned is that taking action through fear is the only way to go. At the end of the day, we are all scared. Scared of failure, scared of rejection, scared of feeling lost, scared of loosing hope.

But, we have to take action regardless. Continually moving forward. Having to file for bankruptcy over 10 years ago and that overwhelming feeling of not being worthy of success because I screwed up so bad, it followed me for a long time. It still can creep up now if I let it.

Then I remember I have to put my faith in God, know how to help my members, and keep getting back up and trying again. And again. Entrepreneurship is NOT for the weak. It’s hard. But…. it’s so worth it.

So, here a sit in an art studio bigger than I ever dreamed so thankful God have me the wisdom to find several ways to make money so I hopefully never find myself back in that position over 10 years ago.

Learning more and more how I can help my Paint Party Headquarters Ladies have bigger wins is what drives me to be better, learn more, and help them have success. And in turn, they have been the biggest blessing in my families life. I love these women so much and still can’t believe how much life has changed In just a short time.

If you stuck through to the end I just want to say…

Don’t loose hope!
Don’t ever compare!
Don’t give up!

And failure is a part of it. My new motto is “ the faster I fail… the faster I get up”. Fail fast and then fail again until you get it right. I promise you will be so thankful you didn’t give up.

What is your favorite music to listen too while creating? When’s the last time you felt a calmness come over you as you painted?