Here’s a quick way to add snow to a painting you can do for a Paint Party. Paint Parties are so much fun and a great way to connect either online or in person. I love teaching others how to make money teaching paint parties. Facebook lives can be scary, but easy if you just practice. Learn 3 tips for Facebook lives in this video.

When I asked y’all “Who is scared of Facebook lives?” I got more than 100 comments in reply! Most people said they were nervous, embarrassed and scared to be themselves. They fear rejection when bearing their heart and souls. So I wanted to give 3 tips to help anyone who is nervous.

  1. DON’T READ THE COMMENTS! Comments can be traumatizing. For your first few lives, you can read the comments later.
  2. BE YOURSELF! People can tell if you are real or fake. Be yourself. That is who people want to relate to.
  3. AMP UP YOUR ENERGY BY AT LEAST 30%! You need to be excited and energized in your lives.

I also want to show you one of my favorite products and way to add a FUN touch to my winter paintings. DecoArts SNOW-TEX!!! I love using my fingers, with this stuff, but you can use a paint brush too. And I just dab some on, building it up in layers. It puffs up as you apply it, thickly, anyplace you want snow texture. It dries quickly and then I like to add Craft Twinkles glitter glue on top of that. I love glitter !glue so so much

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You can use these for your art kits, painting parties, online paint class, and paint party business.