Y’all, I am OBSESSED with cowboy boots. I’m pretty sure own 10 pair. I even got my friend Tamara Bennett with Southern Adoornments Décor to wear a pair recently when we were on a girls trip together. I was so proud of her!

She even brought these adorable Cowboy Boot Door Hangers that we painted together. The best thing about her door hangers is that they come with the design laser etched on it. This means you’ll still be able to see the lines when you paint the surface. It’s kind of like a paint by numbers.

I chose Pink, Turquoise and of course, some glitter.  Tamara painted hers black and gold. We were somewhat limited on colors as we flew to our destination and couldn’t bring all that paint with us!

painted floral cowboy boot door hanger

Let’s Paint This Door Hanger

I used a 1-inch brush to paint the base of the boot, just to get a bunch of coverage first. We weren’t too concerned about the details since we could still see the outline. Plus, I’m such a messy painter this works out great! Tamara was a little bit more cautious because she was painting her boot black and not a lot colors cover black very well.

Next, I painted the flowers. I used a couple different shades of pink and even mixed a few colors to get a pretty shade of purple. I used black for all the little details and heel of the boot.

Tamara did pink flowers as well and her boot details in gold. We went different directions and personalized our boots.  We even paint differently.  I’m a messy painter and Tamara was very detailed! There is no right way to paint, everyone paints differently. It would be so boring if all the art in the world were the same.

painted floral cowboy boot door hanger with Heidi and Tamara

Since we were pretty limited on colors some of our choices were non-traditional, like the colors for our leaves. You know, it’s important to point out that right now paint can be hard to find in stores and online. Tamara offers a color mockup of all her door hangers in her online store. We definitely did not follow those mock ups. Even when your colors are limited you can come up with something really cool!

Some Cool Free Stuff For You!

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