I was about to have an anxiety attack this week and finally I realized why.   
My art studio and house in general was consuming me.   
All of my favorite stuff was overwhelming me to the point of not being able to be creative.   I couldn’t even find a place to paint in my studio without tripping over stuff.   
Then I started throwing away Bobby’s stuff because it was just easier to handle.   That didn’t go over too well so I had to put the blame back on the rightful owner…. me.   
My anger caused me to clean!   So out of frustration I got up early and cranked up Imagine Dragons Station on Alexa and started cleaning and organizing!   
After it was all done I felt WAY more relaxed!   I had room to paint…. to create again. 
Sometimes I think we get so overwhelmed thinking we NEED to keep everything because that’s the artist and crafter in us! 
“What if I need that?”    “What if those old yogurt cups could be used to hold water for a party?” 
“That cardboard box could really come in handy.”   “I know these paper towel holders are good for something… I just don’t know yet”

Yes, I know…. BECAUSE I do this stuff too!   We all do as creative people!   

However, I promise you that if you purge and get rid of the stuff you haven’t used in 3 months… I promise you the empty space to create not only gives you freedom to create it RELAXES your mind.  

AND a relaxed mind is ALWAYS better than empty yogurt containers and paper towel holders any day!!!  

So, I challenge you to crank up some music and make a space for yourself to create!    It doesn’t have to be big.   It doesn’t even have to be that clean… just organized!   Make an area to create!  To paint… to have fun! 
I know when I look in that room now I smile… because I have room to paint and more importantly room to RELAX!   

Extremely Grateful,