Thank you for making 2015 so great!   I have meet many of you in person and have connected with tons of you via email, FB, etc.   I am so glad that our paths have crossed and am excited about 2016.

I wanted to take a minute and reflect on what I learned this year and how it can help you.

At each event I meet new people and learn new things.   The common thread among every event is the healing power of art.   I have talked to numerous folks about how the simple tool of painting can help you overcome your fears and move past your setbacks.   I have spoken with women with tears in their eyes about how art has helped them through a death or even depression.   One lady told me about how painting was so important in her life and then when her husband died she let it go too.    After a painting session at one of my events she had tears in her eyes and talked about how she would incorporate it back again.

Learning to let go and just paint is such a simple tool, yet a very POWERFUL one!

I’m talking to all of you… not just the serious artist.  

Whether it be painting, drawing, crafting, etc….  CREATING has power.   It allows you to spend a few hours dreaming… learning from your mistakes and most importantly connecting to something bigger than ourselves.

Art has the Power to HEAL.   

I’m a pretty emotional type of person…. creative types tend to be…. and I have loved every conversation I have had with you and when you speak about the power art has had in your life.    It’s a gift from God to serve in this way and I’m so honored that you are a part of it.   

Here’s to 2016 and making the world a more colorful place!   Can’t wait to create with you this year and see how art helps you heal.

Extremely Grateful,