Art Heals

Using Art and Essential Oils to Heal!  

Using essential oils while creating has changed my entire art experience.   I’ve always loved painting and using art to heal… now with a diffuser going or even adding essential oils to my paint…. It creates an ENTIRELY different environment.  

To learn more about why I use essential oils check this out!

Here is also a video about why I’m using essential oils and how it’s allowing me to add an extra stream of income and how it can help you too. 

Oh, and FUN bonus!!!  If you order your Premium Starter Kit and get on Essential Rewards
(it’s basically a rewards program where you get great discounts and free gifts)
I’ll send you a handmade Oil Holder to your house as a thank you!!!


If you need help getting started please feel free to email [email protected] 

So excited for you to experience essential oils!   I don’t leave home without them!