So… let’s get out our glue guns! Yes, you heard me right! After some fun swimming time and a ton of great food to celebrate the 4th of July I had to PAINT!!!

I love mixed media and the more I experiment with different techniques the more fun I have. Grabbing my trusting glue gun (actually I bought a new one because my other one had been on it’s last leg!) I decided to draw simple flower designs using a 12X24 canvas.

This size canvas was really fun to use because I could emphasize the height of the flowers and still have room for some inspiring words!

Creating with a glue gun is WAY easier than you think. I was expecting the glue to easily peel off… the dripping of the hot glue to burn my fingers and add blisters for a lifetime and also nervous that the paint wouldn’t stick to the glue. All of these things fears were CRUSHED as soon as I started using the glue gun! I noticed it was surprisingly easy to create a drawing with the glue and that the glue actually stayed in it’s place… even after painting!

I challenge you to give it a try!

Even if you just take a small canvas and draw your initial on it in glue. Then take some acrylic and have some fun! Please reply back and let me know what you did. I would love to see a picture! 🙂

Oh… the picture below is of my daughter and I last week creating some art for my husband. He loves Tomorrowland so we were surprising him with a hand painted Tower of the 4 Winds and a robot created by my daughter.FullSizeRender 2 copy

And for those of you that think you need a massive art studio to make things happen…. You don’t! This is my dining room table…. my favorite place to paint… and we just cover it with a table cloth or poster board. My husband is so sweet for putting up with all my mess! I’m sure it’s really hard for him to be married to an artist!

I hope you enjoy the summer and take a few moments to escape and create some art!

Extremely Grateful,
Heidi Easley