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My friend Christie Herrmann Hawkins taught me this chapel and I’m in love! I added “Be the Church” because I know that you can feel God’s presence in SO many ways… not just at church.

Many of you LOVE to paint! I do too.

If y’all want to learn more about painting, no matter what level you are at, Christie with The Social Easel is offering a free 4 Day video series that is going to teach you the basics in acrylic painting!

The videos release tomorrow so be sure to sign up today HERE!


Simple tips and techniques so you can learn to paint at home now!

How to paint without stress and frustration – I make painting simple and fun!

My top 4 favorite backgrounds: Easy techniques for awesome backgrounds!

Brushstrokes 101 : Learn what specific brushes to use to create different styles

Basics in Shading: Adding shadows and highlights

How to paint with a palette knife

How to mix your own colors!

You can sign up for the FREE series HERE!