Do you struggle to find the best brush when you are painting something BIG?

When I painted the Flowers & Palm Tree Painting I needed to get a TON of paint on the canvas really fast! Whenever I need to do this, I grab one my favorite brushes, a one- or two-inch chip brush. It is truly the best brush to use when you paint BIG and fast!

You can see in the above video that my chip brush is definitely on its last leg, it is used and abused and a little rusty too. Now, when you use a chip brush you will get the little hairs on your painting. You can just pick those off of the painting!

4 chip brushes in plastic cup

Where to get the best brush

I get my chip brushes from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Lowe’s, or Home Depot. Not only are theY great for painting a large area fast you can also use them for stencils. These are super cheap and great beginner art supplies that work for art kits too!

Teaching paint parties for well over a decade has taught me a few things. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned to help turn a profit quickly, is to not get lost in the details. Whether I am teaching on a Facebook Live, creating a custom porch sign to sell on Buy, Sell, Trade, or hosting a sip and paint night for 100 people, getting my designs painted fast is the best way to get things done and focus on more mays to grow my creative business. I even use them for my art kits and stencils!  I get my chip brushes from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Lowe’s and even Home Depot. Tell me in the comments where you got yours.

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