Wanting to do a BOX subscription with Art Kits? Check out my friend Sarah! She has a $10 challenge that will show you how to get started! https://www.launchyourboxwithsarah.co…

I order from Sarah every single month.

I was even wearing one of my favorite sweat shirts, that I got from her membership box.

She teaches how to ship your own art kits!

Sarah is calling it Subscription Box Coaching Week.

If you could hang out with her for a week.

She could help you visualize this for your business.

If you want to add a subscription box to your business and watch it grow. Sarah is the person to learn from.

Sarah is pulling back the curtain and showing you inside her membership for a week.

It’s gonna be a blast.

Day 1 she shows you the Post it Note Challenge.

She will open your mind and thoughts to help you figure out how to get out all your thoughts.

Day 2 is helping you organize your thoughts.

And then she shows you an member box unboxing and revealing.

You’ll get to see how people put a box together and make them pretty.

Sarah knows what she is talking about.

She ships over 2700 boxes EVERY MONTH!!!

My monthly box was delivered WHILE WE WERE CHATTING!!!

What amazing timing!

Sarah has struggled with going live on Facebook.

It took her some time to bust through her fear.

But it’s easy and fun for her now!

What have lives done for her business?

She went from 340 subscribers to OVER 2,700!!!

In only 18 months.