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Stephen Wiltshire’s first word was paper and didn’t fully speak until the age of 9!   He is an artist who draws and paints detailed  cityscapes.  Sometimes only seeing them from a helicopter just 1 time… then draws the ENTIRE city from memory!

I got a chance to interview him and here are some of his responses….

1.   What do you do in the art world?   

I draw buildings, street scenes and cities often from memory. I like modern metropolises with the chaos and order, I find them fascinating. I prefer drawing with pen and oil paintings take a long time to make, and with pen I can put in so much more detail.

2.  Can you talk about a piece that is really meaningful to you and why it’s so meaningful? 

My recent favourite is my Verrazano Bridge drawing, as the scene was featured in one of my favourite films ‘Saturday night fever’:

I love New York and I often return. 70’s is also one of my favourite period and a lot of classic american cars were also made then. I also like the music and sometimes I dance like Travolta in the film.

3.   When did you first discover your talent for recreating things from memory so exact!?  

I started drawing when I was five years old and my teachers entered my drawings in competitions. I won them all. The papers did not believe how a young boy could draw  that well, so they made a documentary about me and the whole country saw me drawing. I have always drawn from memory, sometimes now I draw on site or from photographs as well. I also draw imaginary scenes, like my Globe of Imagination:

1097_hard   2006_hard

4.   Do you listen to music when you draw? 

I like listening to 60’s motown, r’n’b, 70’s disco and the latest charts. Music helps me to focus on my work.

5.  What is your favorite thing to draw or create? 

I like anything about New York and London, sometimes I just go for a long walk and discover new places. I also have a sketchbook with a lot of new ideas. I draw every day. My favourite subjects are cities, especially aerial views. I also follow the new developments in these cities and often draw them well before they are built.

6.  Any words of advice for aspiring artists?   

My motto is ‘Do the best you can and never stop’.

It was so cool to learn about Stephen!

Extremely Grateful,



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