I just got these brand-new stencils in from Essential Stencil and I’m super excited! Instead of just opening them up by myself I decided to open them live and then create some fun art with them.

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pink rose painted using stencils with stencils, paints and brushes

These stencils are huge!

I was not expecting the flowers to be so big! These stencils would be perfect for a porch leaner. Y’all these flowers are 12 x 12!! And, I didn’t just get the stencils; I got a stencil brush set too. Sometimes I do use the Martha Stewart stencil brushes but these seem to work really well.

For the demo in the video below I just grabbed the black paper that was included in the package, my stencil brushes and some acrylic paint. I did a nice ombre effect in pinks and white using the large rose stencil.

Remember if you are using your stencil brushes you need to offload! And, you are definitely going to get your hands dirty so just get messy!

ombre pink rose painting with stencils with stencils, paint and brushes

Is it still art if you use stencils?

Sometimes in the painting world, stencils can be kind of taboo, like you know, if you use a stencil, you aren’t creating real art.

Have you heard of Banksy? He’s a super talented and very secretive street artist. No one knows his identity but his art is known around the world. He was one of the first street artists to start using stencils.  We all know that graffiti is illegal in a lot of places but the art that these artists create is INSANE! One of the reasons Banksy uses stencils is so he can create his art faster. He received a lot of pushback until people started realizing how great his art is. He was able to make stencils not so taboo.

Now in the crafting world; creative world and even the paint party world stencils are used ALL.THE.TIME! Our goal is to make it fun and enjoyable. So, whatever we can do to make it more fun we do. I love to use stencils for my acrylic paintings and in my paint party business! These are also great if you are looking for more DIY Crafts Ideas. A great way to get started on any canvas painting, door hanger, or wood sign. So, get your stencils here and use coupon code TXHEIDI.

Click here to Text Heidi a photo of art you created using stencils!

If you want to see the demo, check out the video below!

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how to create art using stencils Pinterest pin with image of stenciled pink rose, paints and brushes