If you are just starting your paint party business or wanting to start your paint party business but are thinking “I could never get in front of a bunch of people and teach, I’d be way too nervous!” then this post is for you. I know how intimidating and scary that can be but don’t let fear stop you! I’m going to show you how to teach a paint party. It’s super simple and a ton of fun, you have a guinea pig party.

acrylic sunflower paintings and bottles of acrylic paint

What is a guinea pig paint party?

I promise no real guinea pigs are used for this or harmed in any way. A guinea pig paint party is a practice paint party. All you need to do is select a painting to teach, pick a date and gather up some friends and family. You will want set everything up like you would for a normal paint party and then teach them like you would if you were at a venue.

How to teach a paint party!

Start with your introduction. So, introduce yourself and explain how the night will go. Remember, paint parties are FUN! Let your painters be creative and use different paint colors and remind them there is no judgement until the very, very end. This lets them know that everything will come together at the end of evening. Then start the party!

You will give an instruction and then let them paint. Remember, keep an eye on your painters to see their progress. This way you know when to move to the next step and keep the party moving along. You will have some stragglers but you want to keep the pace. You don’t want to end up with a four hour paint party!

It is a great opportunity to practice and get past your fears before hosting your first paint party. And remember, teaching a room full strangers or a room full of kindergartners is easier than teaching your family!

Heidi, Pixie and Bobby Easley with their acrylic paintings of sunflowers

What do you get with a Paint Party Headquarters Membership?

You get soooo many things! You get access to all of trainings on how to start your own paint party business. Plus, once a month you will get a marketing tip, a social media tip and an on trend painting that can you use for your in person and online paint parties and your art kits. The on trend painting includes a supply list, tracer and all the marketing materials you will need.

These marketing materials include photos and marketing flyers that you can edit, print and even use online! I even give bonus SVG files you can use for your personal cutting machine (Cricut, Silhouette and US Cutters just to name a few). This will allow you to cut out stencils if you don’t want to use tracers at your paint parties or if you want to include stencils in your art kits!

example of marketing materials provided in Paint Party Headquarters
Example of marketing materials

Plus you become part of an awesome community of people just like you! We have over 2,000 members in Paint Party Headquarters all at different places in their Paint Party Business adventure. Some have a brick and mortar, some sell art kits, some exclusively do in person parties. Some of our member are just there to learn how to paint, others are just now starting their paint party business and then we members that have been in the business for years and are very successful. You have access to all that knowledge and support in the Paint Party Headquarters community.

You get all of this for just $37 per month! Make sure you get on the waitlist here so you don’t miss out on all Paint Party Headquarters has to offer.

LIVE ONLINE Painting Event Schedule

DAY 1: Learn How to Paint a Sunflower Landscape

I taught you Step-By-Step how to paint a beautiful on-trend Sunflower acrylic painting design! It’s not too late to get in on the painting fun. Grab your supply list and tracer here and watch the replay here.

DAY 2: Guinea Pig Paint Party

I’ll showed you HOW to teach a Paint Party in a way where you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or what anyone thinks! Not sure what to say? Or, how to pace a Paint Party event? I’ll showed you exactly what to do with a practice Paint Party! Watch the replay below.

DAY 3: Learn How to Contact Venues for Events

It can’t get any easier! You know how to paint a great on-trend painting design. You’ve gotten your nerves out at your Guinea Pig Paint Party. Get an Over-the-Should look at how to I book a paying Paint Party at a popular location in my area!

DAY 4: Full Paint Party Breakdown

Learn how to make money teaching your own Paint Party! We will break down the cost of supplies and how to make a Profit every Party. Plus, a Live Paint Party Q&A! I am so excited to share with you the details that will help show you the possibility of what is to come!

If you are want to start your paint party business or expand your current one then get on the Paint Party Headquarters waitlist here. The doors open on May 16! So, don’t miss your opportunity to join while it’s still only $37 per month.

Did you paint your sunflower landscape? Don’t forget to text me a picture of your completed painting to 817-373-5478 by Thursday May 13 to be entered in the contest. Three people will win a handpicked box of goodies from my personal art supplies! Prizes will be given for most creative surface, most creative colors and most creative sunset.

Watch the replay here

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