Here we are, Day 3 of our FREE Live online painting event! This event is leading up to the 3 year anniversary of Paint Party Headquarters. I’ve had so much fun teaching you the Sunflower Landscape painting and how to teach a paint party. So, today I’m teaching you how to contact venues for your paint party events. Not just any venue, a popular venue in your area! I promise, it is super EASY and QUICK. It just involves a quick search on Facebook.

screenshot of facebook

Facebook is basically a search engine!

Seriously, treat Facebook like google when you are searching for venues. All you need to do is go to the search bar in Facebook and type in your city (or a surrounding one) and the word “restaurants”. It is going to bring up a bunch of restaurants in your area. Just kind of scroll through and select on you think might be FUN!

Now you want to do a little research on their page. You want to make sure they are active on social media. How many people have liked their page? Are they posting on a regular basis? Are their followers interacting with their page and posts? This is especially important if you are just starting out and don’t have an audience yet. If this all looks good and promising you will want to message them on Facebook!

screenshot of facebook

What to say in your message

Before you message the restaurant make sure it isn’t dinner time. You want to message them in earlier in the morning or before the dinner rush like two or three o’clock. And all you want to say is this:

Hi, my name is Heidi and I teach paint parties. I would love to come to your restaurant on a slow night. Do you have time to talk this week?

You are keeping it short and sweet and the question at the end, SUPER important. When you ask a question our brain automatically goes into answer mode. If you introduce yourself and then give a bunch of information (i.e. what you do, prices, etc.) our brains get overwhelmed. So remember, short and sweet and add in that question.

Now, you don’t just have to contact restaurants, you can use this to contact country clubs or really any possible venue in your area.

screenshot of facebook - messaging a venue for an event

Time for a little homework

Follow the exact script above and message 5 restaurants (or country clubs or some other venue). Don’t message more than 5 venues. Why? Well, first if you send 20 messages and then get instant reply’s for a couple of them you will be FREAKING OUT! So, send 5 then wait a day and send 5 more. This way you can shift your focus from sending the messages to getting butts in seats!

Text me at 817-373-5478 when you have completed the homework! I want to know what happened! Did a venue get back to you? Did you book a paint party? Wasn’t it easy to contact those 5 venues for your events?

What do you get with a Paint Party Headquarters Membership?

Oh my goodness, you get a TON of stuff with a Paint Party Headquarters Membership. You get access to a bunch of trainings on how to start and grow a paint party business. I’ve taken 13 years of experience and put it all in to the trainings in this membership.

You also get a monthly marketing tip, social media tip and on-trend painting design. Now, you don’t just get a picture of the painting. You get a complete supply list, tracer and all the marketing materials you need to promote a paint party with that painting. You can use any of my paintings for in person and online parties and for your art kits!

4 acrylic paintings from paint party headquarters.
Example of painting tutorials provided in Paint Party Headquarters

Let’s not forget about the community you will be joining. You will in a membership with artists just like yourself. We have members that are just learning how to paint, some are launching their new business and others have successful online and brick & mortar businesses. You not only get my 13 years of experience but the experience of over 2,000 other members!!

Don’t miss this opportunity to join an amazing community. The doors open on May 16 for a limited time. You can get on the waitlist here.

LIVE ONLINE Painting Event Schedule

DAY 1: Learn How to Paint a Sunflower Landscape

I taught you Step-By-Step how to paint a beautiful on-trend Sunflower acrylic painting design! It’s not too late to get in on the painting fun. Grab your supply list and tracer here and watch the replay here.

DAY 2: Guinea Pig Paint Party

I’ll showed you HOW to teach a Paint Party in a way where you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or what anyone thinks! Not sure what to say? Or, how to pace a Paint Party event? I’ll showed you exactly what to do with a practice Paint Party! Watch the replay here.

DAY 3: Learn How to Contact Venues for Events

It can’t get any easier! You know how to paint a great on-trend painting design. You’ve gotten your nerves out at your Guinea Pig Paint Party. Get an Over-the-Should look at how to I book a paying Paint Party at a popular location in my area! Watch the replay below.

DAY 4: Full Paint Party Breakdown

Learn how to make money teaching your own Paint Party! We will break down the cost of supplies and how to make a Profit every Party. Plus, a Live Paint Party Q&A! I am so excited to share with you the details that will help show you the possibility of what is to come!

You can turn your artistic passion into a successful paint party business! I’m doing a FREE LIVE workshop on Sunday, May 16 @ 7:00 PM CST. You will discover the proven strategy to book and teach paint parties and make a PROFIT every party, even if you are not a fine artist! You can join the workshop here.

Don’t forget to text me here when you completed the homework! Remember you only have to contact 5 venues for events.

Watch the replay here!

how to contact venues with image of Heidi & Pixie Easley at a Texas Art & Soul paint party