OK, here we are Day 4. We’ve painted a beautiful sunflower landscape, we learned how to practice for your first paint party and even talked about how to contact venues for events! Today is all about learning how to make a profit at every paint party.

If you did the homework from Day 3 you may already have a paint party booked. So many of you that watched this live were telling me how you did the homework and were able to book parties. 

sunflower landscape painted on a terra cotta flower pot by Karen Arthur
Winner – Most Creative Colors – Karen Arthur

3 Tips to help you make a profit every paint party

Tip 1: You do not need all the supplies

You do not need all the supplies for your first paint party. Not the perfect paint brushes, not a bunch of easels and not all the aprons. When I first started, I would use random paint brushes from my personal supplies, they were mismatched and definitely not perfect. There were a few years where I didn’t bring easels and even now when I bring them, they get taken off the tables. When I didn’t have aprons, I just told people “Don’t wear your favorite clothes.”.

Once you are making a profit every party, keep doing that, gain some confidence and then start setting aside profit for things like aprons and easels. Go in slow and then build up your supplies.

Tip 2: You do not need 100 paintings painted and ready to go

I was guilty of this. I thought I needed to have all these painting options, a butterfly, a beach scene, you know, something for everyone. Now, I do have over 100 paintings but I built that library over 13 years. This is where Paint Party Headquarters comes in. You get access to all of my designs! Plus a step-by-step tutorial, complete supply list, tracer and marketing materials.

When I was a full-time teacher and starting my paint party business the hardest part was having time to create new paintings. I know a lot of you have the same struggles. That is why I created Paint Party Headquarters. I love helping all of you succeed.

Tip 3: You do not need to schedule a bunch of paint parties

On Day 3 I gave you homework to contact 5 venues for events and told you if you hear back from one stop reaching out. But, why would you stop reaching out? You can focus on that one party, marketing it, getting the painting ready, etc. If you book a bunch of parties, you will be all over the place and maybe even a little overwhelmed. You can build up to multiple paint parties, but just take it one step at time. This will allow you build confidence and make a profit at every paint party!

sunflower landscape painting by Julie Yacos
Winner – Most Creative Sunset – Julie Yacos

What do you get with a Paint Party Headquarters Membership?

You get all 13 years of my experience through trainings that will help you build and grow your paint party business. Not to mention access to over 100 painting designs and new on trend painting each month! Each design comes with a step-by-step tutorial, complete supply list, tracer and marketing materials. Everything you need to start your business and keep it current!

You also become a member of an amazing supportive community with over 2000 artists and business owners just like you! We have a diverse group of members all in different stages of their business journey. Some are just learning to paint, others have successful paint party businesses. We even do a monthly brainstorming session!

sunflower landscape painted on a cast iron skillet by Kayleigh Smith
Winner – Most Creative Surface – Kayleigh Smith

LIVE ONLINE Painting Event Schedule

DAY 1: Learn How to Paint a Sunflower Landscape

I taught you Step-By-Step how to paint a beautiful on-trend Sunflower acrylic painting design! It’s not too late to get in on the painting fun. Grab your supply list and tracer here and watch the replay here. You can even see the contest winners throughout this post!

DAY 2: Guinea Pig Paint Party

I’ll showed you HOW to teach a Paint Party in a way where you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or what anyone thinks! Not sure what to say? Or, how to pace a Paint Party event? I’ll showed you exactly what to do with a practice Paint Party! Watch the replay here.

DAY 3: Learn How to Contact Venues for Events

It can’t get any easier! You know how to paint a great on-trend painting design. You’ve gotten your nerves out at your Guinea Pig Paint Party. Get an Over-the-Should look at how to I book a paying Paint Party at a popular location in my area! Watch the replay here.

DAY 4: Full Paint Party Breakdown

Learn how to make money teaching your own Paint Party! We will break down the cost of supplies and how to make a Profit every Paint Party. Plus, a Live Paint Party Q&A! I am so excited to share with you the details that will help show you the possibility of what is to come! Watch the replay below.

FREE LIVE Paint Party Business Workshop

If you are ready to take your artistic passion and turn it in to a successful paint party business then my free workshop is for you. You will discover the proven strategy to book and teach Paint Parties and make a profit every party, even if you are not a fine artist. You can sign up for the workshop here. It will be LIVE on Sunday May 16 at 7:00 PM CST.

Then the doors to Paint Party Headquarters officially OPEN! The doors are open for a limited time and this will be last time you can get in for $37 per month.

Click here to text me a picture of your painting or let me know if you were able to book a party.

Watch the replay here

make a profit at every party with image of sunflower painting