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Today I just want to share with you a fun event we held at our school.    We hired the Dirty Car Artist AKA Scott Wade to visit and teach the students about using dirt to create art!    He is amazing!!!

We also took the Seniors and turned them into Human Stencils!   This was in conjunction with our annual Chalk Fest!    What I loved most about this day was the excitement from the kids.    I knew they would like the Dirty Car Artist, but I didn’t realize how much they would like trying out the art using a fan brush on a dirty car.


Students not only watched him work, but they got a chance to try out their newly learned skills.    I also loved watching the faces of the little ones as they saw what he had created.   Art is SO powerful!   It evokes an emotion and a reaction.   Something I strive for when I create my art.


The day was still going strong as we brought out our Seniors to let them leave their mark on one of the walls near our school.     We filled the water guns with paint and the Seniors assumed position as we attacked them with paint!


As the paint ran out and we cleaned up all the mess all I could do was be Thankful!    Thankful for a wonderful group of kids, thankful for the beautiful weather, thankful for the gracious visit from an amazing artist and thankful that GOD & ART was at the center of it all!