Looking for a cheerful paint project perfect for the spring season (or any time of year!)? This bike painting is the perfect decor piece to paint and enjoy…and teach others how to do the same!

Spring is HERE, y’all! I LOVE this season – I’m a Texas girl (by way of Florida) and so for me, the hotter the better! This winter was especially brutal and I am ready to say goodbye to all the cold and snow (yup, even here in Dallas!).

If you can relate, you’ll love today’s project: and adorable acrylic bike painting!

heidi ealsey with acrylic painting of blue bike with flower basket

DIY Spring Bike Painting

Let’s Paint a Spring Bike together! Make sure to snag the template here! How cute would this acrylic painting be in your spring decor or even on a wood door hanger! If you love DIY crafts, you will love the art project.

1. Start with the Bike Painting Outline

For this project, we’re using a black canvas – it really makes those pretty spring bike painting colors POP! Then, use the paint color Laguna to make a quick bike outline with a 1″ flat brush. I also did the wheels in the same color.

2. Add the Bike Details

With a silver paint, you can add the metalic pieces such as the handle, the cute little license plate, the petals, and even the bike seat.

Then, use white paint to add shading to your painting and details such as the wheel spokes!

acrylic painting of blue bike with basket of flowers on table with paint bottles

3. Paint the Flowers

Last but not least, give the bike painting a cute little basket of flowers…it is a SPRING painting after all!

4. Optional: Add “Spring” at the Top

I really wanted to lean into the spring theme so I decided to literally put the word spring on my painting! You could always change this up to make it a person’s name or another season too. This painting is just so versatile!

See how easy that was? You just painted a bike!

Watch the Bike Painting Video!

If you are a visual learner, watch this video and paint along with me! Make sure to watch the entire thing because I’m also giving you some great business tips about why NOW is the time to start a paint party business! I promise you will never find a job more fun than this one!

Start a Paint Party Business Online

You know what’s even more fun than painting this spring bike yourself? Painting it with a dozen or so friends…and getting paid to do it! I am a huge advocate of removing “starving artist” from anyone’s vocabulary. You CAN teach art, have a blast, and make a (good!) living too!

I am SO passionate about this that I decided to create a class and teach others how to make money teaching paint parties! I have been in this business for ten years, y’all, and I’m peeling back the veil so you can get all my success without any of the heartaches I went through to get here!

This year Paint Party Headquarters is going to be better than ever. We are only open for a few days each year, so be sure to join the waiting list!

Text Me Your Questions!

Want to know more about teaching paint parties? Send me a text!

Easy DIY Spring Bike Painting Pinterest Pin with image of painting and paints