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Do you disappoint yourself sometimes?   I know when the new year sneaks up on me I reflect on the year past.   And sometimes I’m disappointed.  This year I have had a lot of success AND a TON of failures!!!   If your still reading my newsletters I count that as a huge success!!!   🙂   And thank you for listening to all my over sharing this year!

Anyway, a good way to start the new year is setting goals and planning out your dreams!   I am a huge believer in writing things down.   If you saw my desk right now you would see why!   I would take a picture, but I’m REALLY embarrassed AND have some upcoming projects in the works that I don’t want to give away yet!


One thing that really helped me this year was the The Shining New Year book – it’s just the thing for you creative types or if you need help organizing your dreams!   I ordered it last year and loved it!   Here are a few of my goals and reflections from the year past.

I have already ordered my copy and it’s in the mail now!   You can also order it digitally, but I like      to draw in mine.   Anyway, I hope it helps you as much as it helps me!

Bring it 2016!!! I’ll be ready!

IMG_6307 copy

Extremely Grateful,