For the ladies out there… Do you wear a tankini? I had a very strange experience this summer with my first tankini.
Let’s start with why I bought one.
It all started last summer. My 9 year old daughter tried to cover me up as I confidently walked in my bikini to the pool. She said “MOM… WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!?” Quickly my confidence level went from a 10 to a 1 as I asked “Why, what’s wrong?” She immediately said you are showing way too much!
I’ve been wearing bikini’s my entire life! I didn’t even realize there were other types of swimsuits until my late twenties! So hearing this in my thirties really stopped me in my tracks. I went through the several weeks of denying that I needed to be in a tankini… Sure, I’ve gained a little weight, but not a ton. I know that everything isn’t as tight as it used to be, but I still felt “okay” enough to wear one.
So, after my daughter burst my bubble I decided I would start the summer in my new “mommy” swimsuit THE TANKINI! Dun…dun….DUNNNNNN!!!!
I take my daughter & husband with me to go pick it out. I found the one! The swimsuit that will change my life! Well, at least cover up my stomach.
As we grab the swimsuit and show my husband, my daughter decides to tell him how some of the swim suits didn’t work out and how my fat was hanging out of all sides! I quickly tell her “What happens in the dressing room, STAYS IN THE DRESSING ROOM!”
We pay the cashier and my heart breaks a little on the inside.
So, this summer I wore my tankini. I covered my belly.
I decided at the end of August to wear my bikini from last year to try and get a little sun on my belly. When I came out to swim my daughter excitedly says “MOM, YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL, LIKE A MODEL!”
My anger starts to bubble, but I patiently say “I thought you said I need to cover up…. this is why I bought a tankini. “ She says “no mom, just when we are swimming at the community pool”
So, the tankini is history! Bikini’s here I come… a little pudgy and all!
Extremely Grateful,
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