Spring has sprung, y’all! There are so many things to love about this season but the Easter holiday has to be up there at the top. Not only is the holiday itself incredibly meaningful, but I love all the cute painting opportunities too! Come shop with Pixie and me for Easter paint party supplies and hear all about how to have a profitable paint party.

Today’s post is such a fun one! Pixie and I are taking you behind the scenes into one of our famous paint party supply shopping trips. We are shopping at Michaels this time, and I’m showing you just how easy and expensive it is to get Easter paint party supplies.

mother and daughter shopping for easter paint party supplies

Easter Paint Party Supplies: Shopping Tips

1. Start with a Plan

If you are a fellow art supply lover like me, you’ve GOT to have a plan when you go shop. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted by everything in the store and come home with a bunch of random art supplies. There’s nothing wrong with that every once in a while….but if you want to build a profitable paint party, we’ve got to keep an eye on the budget!

For this particular trip shopping for Easter paint party supplies we have a list ready to go! We will be painting a woodland bunny, which is the perfect Easter design. You can grab a free download of the supply list here!

Heidi easley shopping for paint party supplies at Michaels

2. Be Flexible

The supply list includes the exact names of paint to buy. But, if you get to the store and see they are out of stock of that particular one, DON’T PANIC!

It’s okay to purchase a shade of gold that’s slightly different if that’s what’s available. In life, and art, we have to be flexible and that’s absolutely fine. The end results might be even better that way! 🙂

Paint options for an easter painting at the store

3. Buy in Bulk

Whether you are hosting paint party or simply getting some girlfriends together for a paint and sip, I highly recommend buying in bulk. You can typically find value packs of items such as brushes and canvases for a much better deal than buying individual items.

Plus, don’t forget to use your 40% off coupon for even more savings! It all adds up and certainly goes a long way towards creating a profitable paint party.

Value pack of canvases at art supply store

Watch Us Shop for Easter Paint Party Supplies

Join Pixie and me at Michaels and watch us shop for supplies in this fun and quick Facebook live!

Be a Part of Profitable Paint Party

If you are interested in learning more about how to build a profitable paint party, or just want to learn how to paint an adorable woodland bunny, I’ve got the PERFECT opportunity for you! This 3-day online event is appropriately titled Profitable Paint Party and it is packed with helpful info. Even better? It’s completely FREE!!!

Sign up for Profitable Paint Party here!

shopping for easter paint party supplies

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