Winter is right around the corner and cooler weather is already arriving here in Texas. So, today I’m going to show you how to paint this cute Winter Owl. It’s going to be a super simple painting and won’t take long at all! I wanted to show you how you could paint something really fast and use this time tell you all about something really cool coming up.

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cute winter owl acrylic painting

Painting Tutorial

Now it’s time to paint! I used a super cute glittery owl statue as inspiration for the Winter Owl painting that you can create along with me. This painting is super easy to create and also really quick! Now, I used a smaller canvas for this painting but you can use any size you want.

Paint the Background

Using a chip brush cover your canvas in a pewter metallic paint, then add some white paint right on top. I needed to dry the canvas really quick but didn’t have my blow dryer or baby wipes handy. So, I just took a napkin, unfolded it and pressed it in to canvas. This helped to dry the canvas and give it a really cool texture!

Draw the Winter Owl

Using a liner brush and some pewter metallic you are going paint what almost looks like two leaves or some cat eye sunglasses. Then add a small heart at the center bottom. To complete the body of the owl all you need to is add a ‘U’ shape to the bottom and a small half circle to the top. Next, lets add some wings, these are just the tip of an arrow on each side of the owl’s body. Last, just paint small lines for the feet.

blue and gold owl painting

Paint the Winter Owl

Using some white paint just fill in the body of the owl. Next take a little turquoise and pewter metallic and just paint large circles for the eyes. Using some black paint add the pupils for the eyes. You can even add some eyelashes like I did! I also added some black stripes to the owl’s wings and outlined the owl. Don’t forget about his nose, I chose gold for this.

Add Some Details

Keep going with some of the gold and paint feathers on his body and some accents on his wings, head and feet. Then grab some turquoise and white to add some shading and highlights to the painting. Now, it’s time for snow! All you need is some white paint and a toothbrush. Just dip the toothbrush in paint use the tip of your finger to ‘splatter’ the white paint all over the canvas.

How much quick fun was that painting? And, only 5 colors! All you need to paint the Cute Winter Owl is pewter metallic, black, white, gold and turquoise.

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Watch the Cute Winter Owl Painting Tutorial replay here:

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