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Today we are getting ready for the City Cat Painting that’s going to be in the 2021 Fall Ball Painting Extravaganza!. If you have signed up yet sign up here. Yesterday I showed you how to trace your canvas for the pumpkin painting. But, this time we are going to use a different canvas tracing technique. I’m going to cut a piece of the tracer out and then trace the canvas.

How to Cut and Trace Your Canvas

You will still tape your tracer together, keeping the cat separate from the city scene. Just make sure it lines up! Next cut out the cat sitting in the moon and cut just the buildings top lines. Now, I just used some kids scissors that I found lying around the house. If I do this for a paint party, I cut them out of cheap poster board from The Dollar Store.

cat sitting in moon painting tracers and painting

Why Use This Canvas Tracing Technique?

For this painting we have this awesome blue background we will want to paint first. When the background dries we will place the cut out tracer on the canvas and use a liner brush to trace. If you want your canvas to dry quickly keep a blow dryer handy!

My Favorite Paint?

You can use any brand paint you would like for these paintings. My favorite? DecoArt Americana paint. Before I used DecoArt Americana I used all the cheaper paints for my paintings and business.

If you want to learn how to paint this City Cat painting join the Fall Ball here. It’s just $10! You’ll get step-by-step instructions for 2 Fall paintings. This includes the complete supply and tracer. I have tons of prizes to give away too!

Have you done any Fall projects this year? Click here to text me a photo, I’d love to see it!

Watch this canvas tracing technique here:

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