Bows are such a great addition to door hangers but aren’t the easiest thing to make. I have a paint party coming up and need to have some available for those that either don’t want to or cant make them. I do have the EZ Bow Maker but have never used it. So, I’m going to show you a super easy way to make a beautiful simple bow that you can use for all your door hangers and make available at your paint party events!

Get Your Supplies Together

You will need a few supplies, a Crop-A-Dile Big Bit (just a ginormous hole puncher), some string and some ribbon.  I’m using some buffalo plaid ribbon that I had left over from Christmas and some wired burlap ribbon. They are going to look great with this rustic Farm Sweet Farm door hanger!

farm sweet farm door hanger with colorful rooster

Prep Your Door Hanger

First things first, you need to punch some holes in your door hanger and add string so you can actually hang it on your door. Take your crop a dile and punch a hole on the top left and top right of your door hanger. This is a really cool tool that comes with rotating setting blocks and an adjustable measuring tape to help line up your holes! Now, just take some of your string and thread it through one of the holes, tie it in about 3 knots so it is nice and secure.  You will repeat this step with the other hole.  Just make sure you leave enough string for the hanger!

farm sweet farm door hanger with colorful rooster and easy diy bow

Make This Simple Bow

Now it’s time to make the bow. For this bow I used 5 pieces of ribbon, 2 pieces of the burlap and 3 pieces of the buffalo plaid. You will also need a thing piece of string to secure the bow and tie it to the door hanger. This bow is so easy, it really just some layers! Make an ‘X’ with the two pieces of burlap, then layer that on top of a horizontal piece of the buffalo plaid.  Next you will make another ‘X’ with the remaining pieces of the plaid and layer those on top. Now just cinch the center of the layered ribbon then wrap some string and tie it real tight! Maybe even make a few knots.

That’s it! The bow is complete.

Click here to text me and tell me if you use a bow maker or if you make your own bows!

Watch how I make the bow in this video!

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