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Colorado hates me.

Well… not all of Colorado, but one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen did not want me there. Keystone.

This story has a point about expectations verses reality and how my unbearable experience can hopefully help you in some way.

My family had been saving for months to go on this epic Christmas ski trip in Keystone Colorado. Something Pixie and I have never done before. Bobby knew the ropes a little, but it had been almost 25 years since he had last skied.

Day one seems okay! Excited to be there and snow everywhere! It truly felt like I stepped into a Hallmark set!
(My dream come true!).

I had every day planned with snowmobiling, skiing, ice skating, snow tubing, me walking around in a cute scarf shopping, journaling, and drinking coffee…. you name it… I planned it! I even brought a gingerbread house in my luggage to surprise Pixie one evening.

Well… this is not exactly how the trip went. You may see the first picture and think… “great family vacation” but it was quiet the opposite! For me anyway! Bobby and Pixie had a blast!

I on the other hand felt like I couldn’t move. Every cell in my body was rejecting the cold weather, skis, even food. I couldn’t stay awake and would sleep 14 hours straight, wake up, get right back in bed for another full day of sleep. This went on for the entire trip.

Bobby would bring me food and medicine to make sure I was okay.

I even tried to do an outing to Breckenridge thinking… it’s got to get better. I made it to the mountain top (you’ll see a cute family photo here) , but I ended up sleeping in the car for almost 3 hours while I waited on Pixie and Bobby to finish skiing.

It was defiantly the most beautiful place I’ve ever wanted to leave so badly!

I write this to talk about expectations. Sometimes we have these massive expectations that sometimes just can’t be met.

Or, things like sickness take over and reality sets in that we are just human.

For your Christmas, I pray that you enjoy your family and appreciate them and be grateful for whatever happens that day.

No matter how magical we try to plan something, sometimes it’s just out of our control.

And… why is it with all the greatest technology in the world ski boots are the most painful things imaginable. Torture chambers for your feet. ????

So cheers to making new family memories good and bad and trying to see the bright side of any situation.

On a positive note… as soon as we got close to Denver I started feeling so much better. I think I’m more mermaid than mountain girl!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Extremely Grateful,