4-Day Fall Ball Paint Party Bootcamp!

Don’t miss what I have planned for you in this 4-Day Fall Ball!  

In this brand new challenge, I will share TWO fun designs with you!  With included templates, step-by-step instruction, you will have so much fun creating these 2 paintings!

It will all come together in a fun way and the experience I have planned for you will not only be a ton of fun, but help you see the possibilities of what you can do in just 4 days!

August 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th

There will be replays available if you can’t make it live! 

What You’ll Get

4 Days of Fall Fun for just $10

Day 1:

Witches Be Crazy Step-by-Step Painting (Part 1) +
Learn the Simplest Way to Calculate a Profit Every Paint Party (Money in the Bank!)

Day 2:

Witches Be Crazy Step-by-Step Painting (Part 2) +
Learn How to Book a Paint Party Using the Magic Script

Day 3:

Autumn Blue Step-by-Step Painting (Part 1) +
How to Handle a Crowd of Any Size – Adult and Kids (Most Teachers Don’t Know This)

Day 4:

Autumn Blue Step-by-Step Painting (Part 2) +
How and Why to Use Reels for Your Paint Party Marketing


* Step-by-Step live tutorial for these two painting designs, Witches Be Crazy and Autumn Blue!   
* Supply Lists 
* Step-by-step Written Instructions as well as me Teaching you Live! 
* Paint Party Business Talk where I show you how you can use your love for painting and grow it into a fun profitable business.


For joining the Fall Ball Paint and Business Bootcamp you will get access to this BRAND NEW Bonus Tutorial called Fall Vibes!

Hi, Y’all! I’m Heidi!

I’m the type of creative that loves painting and teaching YOU how to paint!    Not only paint, but show you how to build your confidence, heal through art, AND if you decide… make a profit through your painting.

Having gone from Bankrupcty to Business Owner before the age of 30, I understand that starving artist mentality. I want you to know it does NOT have to be that way! There are ENDLESS opportunities if you ask God to show you, take massive action, sprinkle in some glitter and prayer and keep taking the NEXT right step!  

Let’s have a GREAT 3-Day Fall Ball Painting Experience together! My heart wants to help you not only paint something beautiful while having a ton of fun, but also to show you the possibilities of bringing in some extra money for fun things for your family! You will be so happy at the end of three days when you see what you can create!