I said the stupid-est thing the other day.  We were buying stuff for Pixie to have a Christmas party for her friends at our house.  

We were in line at Big Lots and she said “I wish there were Christmas streamers!”   And I said…”It’s a Christmas party not a Birthday party!” 

   Then quickly I corrected myself and said “Wait… it IS A BIRTHDAY party!  The biggest one of the year!”  

In the midst of getting Christmas ready we can forget that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday!   It IS A PARTY!   A BIG ONE!   

We just want to wish you a BIG Merry Christmas to you and your family from ours! 

  Our family is forever grateful for you and your sweet face for sharing, commenting, watching our videos, coming to our live paint party events, and being a part of Paint Party Headquarters and many other things!!!!   

We appreciate everything you do to support our business Texas Art and Soul.   I just want you to know that we are always praying for you!   

Praying for your happiness and success in life!   

 I hope that you are surrounded by love and creativity this Christmas!  Praying that in the midst of all the Christmas crazy you remember how much God loves you and this special birthday!   

Extremely Grateful,