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January is almost over and I’m overwhelmed by the excitement of what’s to come this year!   

Although some years can be way harder than others and we just don’t know what each year will bring, I still think it’s important to always hope for the best every year.    

I’m filling my morning and nights with lots of reading and thought I’d see what your favorites are too! 

Here is what I’m reading right now:  Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines I’m only 5 chapters in and have already learned a lot!   It’s a great book and is wonderful for someone needing some inspiration for starting a business.   

 Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert This book is for anyone wanting a bigger dream, but SCARED to dream or take action on that dream!   I love how honest this book is when it comes to tackling our mind and this book will inspire you to go for it!   Whatever “it” may be!   

Jesus Calling 365 Devotions for Kids Pixie and I read this almost every morning.   I LOVE the kids version better than the adult because it’s so simple and easy to understand.   Straight to the point and gets your day started right!    

Here’s a link if you want to purchase them on Amazon!   

Capital Gaines Click HERE.  

Big Magic Click HERE.

Jesus Calling Click HERE.   

I’d also love to hear your reading suggestions!  Please reply and let know your favorite book and why!   

Extremely Grateful,