It’s no secret – for a long time, I was a struggling entrepreneur. But, all that changed when I finally found my people, which quickly lead to finding my purpose in business. Here’s a bit of my journey, and how you can find the right audience for your ideas too!

I remember the time my sweet mother-in-law said to me several years ago:

“What if this all goes away?”

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Her intentions were well-meant, and from that day I went searching for a way to safeguard my business. At the time, I was solely focused on my in-person paint party business. I was doing several paint parties a week and working part-time at my daughter’s school. I was busy…but her words kept ringing in my ear…“What if this all goes away?”

Finding my Purpose in Business Through Like-Minded People

large group of women at a paint party holding finished pieces

Then… like magic (or dare I say fate?) I ended up listening to a set of interviews my friend sent me. One of the ladies was a business coach. Everything she said started to pique my interest in learning more about her and what she did. By the end of the week, I was on a phone call with her and signing up for her year-long program to learn how to build a business online.

This was back in 2015, when online businesses were around, but not as common as now.

I spent a LOT of money and an entire year devoted to learning everything I could. My husband Bobby was skeptical, but could see my passion and got on board.

I’ll be honest: throughout that year I didn’t make a dime, BUT I learned SO much! I interviewed some of my long time favorite artists from all over the world! Some were Tamara Laporte, Akiane Kramarik, Cassie Stephens, Patty Palmer and even the amazing Big Eyes painter Margaret Keane. I built friendships and relationships and started to get glimpses of what my purpose in business could become. I felt so empowered that little old me sitting in an 800 square foot rental house, after all, we went through could be worthy enough to interview the “greats!”

My Year of Growth

kids at a paint party holding finished canvases

Most importantly I learned how to connect with people online. And I learned how to build a massive email list. In fact, building an e-mail list was my introduction into the first of MANY things I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

That year was an EXTREME year of growth in every way. It tested my patience, my business endurance, my strength, my willingness to fail, and also my excitement of success.

Finding my People

At the end of that year, the group that took her program together all met in person. On one of the breaks, I remember going outside and calling Bobby excitedly to proudly exclaim…”I FOUND MY PEOPLE! There are people in the world that think like me! There are people that are obsessed with the same dream I am obsessed with!”

It was the coolest feeling. I finally felt like I belonged. Have you felt that before?

huge group of women holding finished canvases at a paint party

In a family of people who worked the 9-5 and thought I was a little crazy seemed to not matter as much anymore. Now, I knew I had this whole new network of people who thought like me! My ideas were now important and propelled by excitement. The hope was enough to drive me! Just the hope alone made all my dreams come true.

If you are nodding your head with me, let me tell you. There is a world where the anxious person like me with a million ideas has a place. They are called dreamers and entrepreneurs and unicorns!

There is a world where the dreamers support one another. Where we know that feeling in our gut was put there for a reason.

We know that when we have a hundred journals with thousands of ideas scribbled all over that it’s okay. It’s normal. Our brain and creativity has a purpose.

And the purpose is good.

Honing Your Purpose in Business

But, we have to learn how to channel that purpose or we can’t help anyone.

As I write this my heart gets excited and heavy. The exciting part comes from you that become brave and take the next step even though it’s scary. You know in your gut that this next step will lead you to the next. And then the next… just like it did me over 6 years ago. I would have NEVER imagined I would be teaching over 2000 of you online every month. I am so thankful.

Then there’s the heavy part that makes me sad. It’s the part where I picture you excited, but then you are scared. You start to think you are unworthy. You think “who am I to do this?“.

But, I’m here to remind you. There are a group of people that are ready to cheer you on. Ready to help you succeed! Ready for you to take the next step along with all the other entrepreneurs, dreamers, and unicorns brave enough to fail. Brave enough to see what’s possible on the other side.

So, for you who are brave….and ready to take the next step….let me hold your hand.

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