Get your set of 2 Eiffel Towers with bonus bunnies here. They make a great kids craft and are the perfect addition to your spring décor.

One of my little cousins was over around Christmas time and he around 4 years old at the time. His parents asked if I could help him because he loves to craft, it’s pretty much all he does. So, we cleared out my art studio and Pixie went in and grabbed a bunch of ceramics and surprised him. Now typically little kids only craft for a few minutes, maybe 20, but he was in there entire night! I went in there once to try to help him and I was like, I can’t do it, I don’t want to break up what this kid is doing.

These ceramic Eiffel Towers are perfect for parents and kids to paint together! When you purchase them for $65 you get 2 Eiffel Towers and 2 bonus bunnies.

painted ceramic eiffel towers with unpainted ceramic bunnies

Painting these ceramic Eiffel Towers is so much fun!

I painted one of the towers gold and used a metallic aquamarine for the overlay. I just used a chip brush for the blue and just kind of sprinkled the color on.

Then I moved on to the pink ombre. I kept my brush blue and started with a darker pink.  It made a pretty purple color for the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. I just continued using that same color and never cleaned my brush as I went up to the center of the tower. I dipped my brush in a little bit of white to add to the top of the tower. When both ceramics are dry, I spray them with a spray polyurethane to make them shine!

If you would like to purchase them you can get your set of 2 here. They even come with 2 bonus bunnies!

Don’t forget these are even great for paint parties too and you could easily theme it! How cute would it be to have like black and white cookies with some tea or coffee?

cute painted ceramic eiffel towers with unpainted ceramic bunnies

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