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If you want one shipped to you here is the 11″ Ceramic Tree shipped to USA for $49 – Included Shipping.…

Did you know you can do Paint Parties online, in person or as art kits with ceramics. Just like you do with a porch leaner or canvas painting ,

I’m going to paint this ceramic tree Ombre Turquoises. I use a bunch of different Turquoises. I am using a 2 inch inexpensive chip brush. And I started with the darkest color, Metallic Turquoise, at the bottom and then slowly move up to the next lightest shade, Blue Grass Green. Smoosh the colors together where they over lap.

I use acrylic paint. Most people think you need a kiln with ceramics. You don’t! With these fun make and takes with just the acrylic paint and then seal it with a spray polyurethane or Mod Podge. I finish off the top of my tree with a light color called, Sea Breeze. Mix the colors as they overlap for a shading affect. I painted the bottom base, my favorite 24K Gold.

Make sure you get all the nooks and crannies and let it dry for a while. Then I started to add white on the branch tips so it will look like snow. I just use a small round brush to blob some white on the edges.

Once the paint is completely dry I like to finish the tree by adding Snow-Tex from DecoArt ….it’s my favorite. I just use my fingers. It gives your tree that something extra special.