I recently spoke with Amanda Schmitt with Snappy New Day Watercolor who started a watercolor painting membership in early 2020 and already has 30 members! She told me how she found watercolor painting and turned it in to a membership.

Amanda Schmitt of Snappy New Day Watercolor
Amanda Schmitt with Snappy New Day Watercolor and Watercolor Co Membership

From Teaching to Watercolor

Amanda has had quite a journey. Amanda is a full-time teacher and a few years ago at the end of the school years she was burnt out, exhauster and new she need the summer to just kind of recuperate and wind down. She decided to enroll in a watercolor class, she knew she would like but didn’t know she would fall in love with it. It lit a creative spark in her.

So, Amanda started teaching paint parties but kept the watercolor piece for herself. Then she did a watercolor workshop with amazing group of gals at the local library. That was the moment where she realized watercolor workshops was what she really wanted to do. Watercolor was one of those things she didn’t even realize was missing in her life.

mermaid tail watercolor painting by Amanda Schmitt
Photo and Watercolor by Amanda Schmitt

Creating A Watercolor Painting Membership

Amanda had heard about creating memberships and TRIBE with Stu for years. She just wasn’t sure what she would do with a membership. Not to mention she was a full-time teacher, I mean there are only so many hours in the day! Amanda knew she would have to take baby steps and build it slowly. It had to be something she could do in the evenings and on the weekends.

Amanda doesn’t come from a family of business owners, so the thought of owning her own business just wasn’t something she saw happening. But she decided to just commit to it.  She planned on taking TRIBE and starting her membership in 2020. Then everything changed and she thought “This may not be the year.”, she couldn’t take on one more thing. Then she thought “If not now, when?”.

watercolor lemonade painting by Amanda Schmitt
Photo and Watercolor by Amanda Schmitt

Finding Unexpected Success

Amanda launched her membership and her founding members joined on a whim because they wanted to paint watercolor and do something new. They needed something to keep them busy during quarantine, something for stress relief. It worked out better than she planned.

Amanda now has 30 members in her Watercolor Co membership. She would love to segue out of her full-time teaching job. She has a goal of 150 members before she can leave her teaching position. Her big dream is to be able to wake up in the morning, drink some coffee and just go paint. The ability to paint when she wants to paint and teach when she wants to teach. The freedom to visit her niece whenever she wants and travel when she wants. Big picture dream would be for her husband to retire early.

If you are wanting to start a membership Amanda suggests you to just go for it! You will change it up as you go because you learn so much in the process. But really, just do it!

If you want to start a membership get in on Stu’s TRIBE workshop here.

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