I recently interviewed four Paint Party Headquarters members. They shared all the things that are working for their businesses. Just talking to them and learning about them really inspired me. I’m going to share 2 tips to help you remain consistent with your paint party business and help it grow.

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1. Do the Things That Scare You

We’re all scared, right? We get embarrassed and think someone is going to make fun us. You know what, who cares? Take action and do those things that scare you!

When I interviewed Paint Party Headquarters member Mayte, she talked about how she gets nervous, scared and even embarrassed whenever she does a Facebook Live video. She pushes forward and does the Live! She spoke about whenever she has a challenge to just overcome it.

As creative business owners there are going to be times when we have to pivot and problem solve. The most successful people are the ones that are solving problems the fastest. It doesn’t matter what level your business is, just starting out, have had some success or maybe you are really rocking it there are always going to be problems to solve.

Stay consistent doing things even when you’re scared.

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2. Show Up!

Show up! When you show up people are going to start seeing that you are taking this seriously. They are going to start looking for you. Like when you find somebody on Instagram or Facebook that you’ve never seen before and then all of a sudden you realize they have 500 videos and you’re like, I got a binge watch every single video because this is so good! Right?

When I interviewed Paint Party Headquarters member April, she also spoke about how scared she was to do Live videos but that she’s been pushing herself. April is a self-proclaimed introvert. She is scared to do the Facebook Lives but she has been pushing herself. She’s had massive success! She’s made almost $100,000 doing paint parties with only 1000 followers. There was a time when all her parties were in person and she had to pivot.

She focused on her current customers and creating something really great that would make them want to paint with her again. April is being consistent and showing up, again and again!

If you’re only doing stuff once in a while, nobody can find you and then binge watch you.

Heidi Easley doing a Facebook Live

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

It doesn’t matter! Most people would automatically think that I am a full-blown extrovert, really, I’m more 50/50. I love being out there with people and doing paint parties, but then I have to have my time, where it’s just me, like I have to have that alone time. You can still be an introvert and still do a business with paint parties with in person or online. You just have to get that extrovert side of you out of you for just those few minutes.

Are you trying to grow your paint party business and want to the know how to make money teaching art? There’s a lot of moments when we have to think on our feet, pivot, and problem solve as a business owner. But, the successes can greatly outweigh the little hiccups that happen along the way.

Whether you love to paint door hangers, wood signs, acrylic canvas paintings, or home decor, you can make a great income with paint night events!

Be your genuine self and pour into your audience. Your following will grow as you teach online more and more and share your love of art with others! Need more business help? Join Paint Party Headquarters! Doors open soon, get on the waitlist here.

For some tips on overcoming fear to grow your paint party business check out my blog post 3 Things to Help You Overcome Fear.

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