When are we truly inspired? 

Inspiration can be a tricky thing.    It can feel like decades before it hits or it can come overwhelming in an easy graceful way. 

Why do some people have endless access to great ideas, inspiration, and willingness to make it happen? 

While some people try everyday to force inspiration, creativity, and the well seems dry?  

I’m not sure of your situation, but I do feel that it can strike at any moment.   

The key or the secret to this is to be ready.  Prepared almost.   Luck favors the prepared right.  

How do we prepare for inspiration to strike?   

I think it comes down to discipline.   Immersing yourself in situations and moments that will help you with this discipline. 

Here are my top 3 ways to be inspired when I feel the well is dry. 

  1. Take a shower.   I know… it sounds weird, but some of my BEST painting ideas have come from a long hot shower.   With paper ALWAYS close by because of the moments, I can immediately write out my thoughts and ideas so they will be there when I have the time to put them in action.   I love this quote by Maya Angelou  “You can’t use up CREATIVITY.  The more you use, the more you have.   

2.  Get outside.    Dante Alighieri said “Nature is the art of God”.    Sometimes when I’m behind my computer instead of painting or being outside I can get stuck.   It feels like the world is ever ending with new ideas, mind blowing creativity, and I just feel alone… stuck.   However, when I take a moment to get outside and look around.  Notice the trees and all of God’s beauty it takes me back to the most purest form of the ultimate artist which is God.   

3.  Fill your mind with other inspirational people!   Whether it’s your favorite mentor, artist, home designer, magazine, etc.  FILL your mind with positivity and color!   Pixie and I often go to Barnes and Nobles to RECHARGE!   This is a technique I’ve used for years!   We have a Barnes and Nobles about 45 minutes from us.   We take an afternoon and make the trek!  LOL!   

Once we are there we both know the routine.    Her grabbing all of the newest Harry Potter books, fiction, journals, etc. while I grab all the art magazines, craft magazines, home decor, and business mags!   We grab coffee and meet in the kids area for a 2 hour reading session!   I squeeze my butt into the kids adirondack chair next to hers and in silence we both go through our stack of books and magazines as if on a mission to refuel!    

It’s a fun ritual that NEVER disappoints on the inspiration meter!    And I hope that one day she will do the same with me and her kids growing up.   

Post below what technique you use to “re-inspire” yourself!   

Extremely Grateful,