I’m talking EVERYTHING memberships with my mentor and business coach Stu McLaren! He’s taught me how to create a successful membership and so much more! He helped me take Paint Party Headquarters from zero members to over 2000 members in just 3 years!

If you have ever asked yourself “How do I add recurring revenue to my business?” or “Is my market a good fit for a membership?” then Stu is your guy! He has a free live webinar on May 2 where he gives you 3 secrets to turn what you know, love and do in to recurring revenue.

Heidi Easley and Stu McLaren

How I created my membership.

I was a full-time teacher for 10 years and started teaching paint parties. Then I finally had enough business to quit teaching and continue doing paint parties full time. So, I started Paint Party Headquarters, where I teach you how to make money teaching paint parties. Naturally people started asking me “How did you start doing this?”. Instead of hiding that I thought, why not share Stu with my audience!

So many of you are scared, or have fear of disappointment, being rejected, all of these things. So, I went back and was looking through all of the TRIBE stuff. I found this post that I made on May 17, 2019. It said “I joined TRIBE one year ago, just three months in I almost quit. I started looking for a full-time teaching job crying and totally frustrated.”

Heidi Easley and Stu McLaren with guest.

I almost gave up!

So, even after I joined Tribe, it wasn’t like, Yay! I did the workshop, I’m learning from Stu, now it’s all magical! So, I took a deep breath. At the time I had about 68 members and started writing down every single penny we spent. After adding all my paint, printing money and membership money together, I realized I would have lost money if I went back to teaching. So I pushed on.

It was so hard and so emotional. But, I could see what I was going towards and how this membership was truly helping these ladies make extra money teaching paint parties. I was seeing results and solving a problem. Now we are getting ready to hit our 3 year anniversary with Paint Party Headquarters and have over 2000 members.  I’m so thankful I didn’t quit!

Heidi Easley at TRIBE LIVE

Move past the fear and take the next step!

We all have challenges, we all struggle and we all have that fear. Once you recognize and acknowledge the fear is there, you train yourself to just move forward, just a little bit and just take the next step. You create momentum for yourself and that momentum inevitable creates confidence.

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Heidi Easley and Stu McLaren