Are you stuck trying to deign an original painting for your paint party or online paint party business? You love to paint, craft, make door hangers, canvas paintings, or art kits, but you get stuck on creating a never before seen piece of art? I’ll show you exactly how I do it.


I know you are scared, excited, overwhelmed, confused, and maybe even a little giddy! It’s perfectly normal! Let me help guide you through all the ups and downs of this business and help you make money doing something you already know and love.

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“People who said it can’t be done. Stop interrupting those of us doing it.” Dolly Parton

I remember, years ago, I was stuck in a doctors office waiting room. And I had to come up with a painting for an up coming paint party. All I had was my phone, scrolling Pinterest, and some business cards. This is the first time I created a painting idea by “Frankensteining”.

What do I mean by “Frankensteining” a painting idea. I recommend starting with a blank journal or blank piece of paper. And then draw 4 thumb nail boxes, just little boxes for little sketches.

I look up on Pinterest “Pumpkin Paintings on Canvas”. And then draw 4 boxes, in my journal. I not try and focus on which pumpkin paintings caught my eye. Maybe it was a single pumpkin. So I’ll write or sketch one pumpkin in a thumbnail box. Then I would scroll some more and notice I really liked ones with a black back ground. How can I do something like that?

Then I would think what else do I want to add? I really like lightening bugs, and flag banners, but also noticed cheetah print was really popular. So I did a scarf around a pumpkin in Cheetah print. By the time I went through all of these things a whole new painting had immerged. Just by being inspired by Pinterest, but not copying any paintings.