Struggling with growing your paint party business? This video post is filled with helpful tips and tricks that will change your life!

Meet Christal Anger with Artistic Chris. She is amazing and is sharing how she went from 600 followers to over 17,000 in just 8 months! She also shares tips on how she is doing ONLINE paint parties of 170 all the way to 350 guests! She actually started out as an in-person paint party teacher, but moved it online in 2020—a smart move.

In less than a year, she’s also managed to grow her Facebook Page to over 19,000 followers – seriously impressive! Needless to say, Christal has some awesome tips to share with you all and they WORK!

Tips for Growing your Paint Party Business

1. Feel Certain of Your Mission

I love Christal’s passion and reason for teaching! She is a certified anxiety coach and wanted to bring in healing anxiety through art. As she so brilliantly shared, the goal is to help artists build confidence because confidence diminishes anxiety since anxiety is fueled by doubt. So awesome!

2. Give Free Content

Giving away free content may not seem like a smart business idea at first, but it does help build a business. You have to earn trust before people invest in you. Plus you can help a lot of people out, just like in this very blog post, for example!

Heidi Easley working in her studio

Chris started with free paint parties that had 12 people in attendance at first. She slowly started adding paid art parties into her offerings. These days her free parties have 1,000s of attendees and the paid ones have hundreds! So impressive!!

3. Growing Your Paint Party Business Through Consistency

Consistency looks different for everyone and every business. For Christal, she stays consistent by doing 1-2 Facebook lives a week, typically on Thursdays and/or Fridays in the evening time.

She also said she always sets up events the same exact way. People know what to expect during the registration process whether it’s a free or paid event.

Here’s even more tips and ideas for staying consistent in your business.

4. Plan and Work Ahead

Christal brought up a brilliant point in our interview about growing your paint party business by working ahead of time. For example, Christmas paintings and events for them were up a month in advance. By working on December content in November, it allowed time for anticipation to build and for attendees to share the event with friends and family. So smart!

5. Learn and Implement!

This is a HUGE one that people who are successful always do. This is a two-step tip…you’ve got to do both parts to see results. First, you need to learn – whether it’s through podcasts, books, shows, or classes like Paint Party Headquarters here! where we specifically teach you how to make money teaching art online and in person! But, that’s only have the equation.

The second and even more important step is to IMPLEMENT what you learn!!! It doesn’t matter how many classes you take…if you don’t actually do the work, nothing happens! You’ve got to take action to see success.

Heidi Easley going live in her studio

Growing Your Paint Party Business: Watch the Video

Christal has a ton of more awesome tips in this video – it’s well-worth your time to watch and learn from her wisdom!!

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I’d love to hear your takeaways in the comments below. Thanks so much to Christal for sharing! If you want to learn more about Teaching Online, check out Paint Party Outer Limits.

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