How to Teach a Virtual Paint Party!

Course is FREE as part of the Gold Virtual Upgrade for only $20 a month! 

For only $20 a month you will have rights to teach ANY of my designs ONLINE however you wish!!!

Yes, that means Virtual Paint Parties, Facebook Lives, Selling Online, however you want!!! The only thing I ask is that you don’t sell a video I already created. (Yes, you must film yourself painting it!).

Video 1:

  • Creating a Facebook Event Page
  • How to add a Canva Image
  • Pricing for a Virtual Party vs. an In-Person Party
  • Why Virtual

Video 2:

  • How to Start a private Facebook group and add Paid Painters
  • How to do a “Pop-up” Paint Party Group
  • What you need to make your Virtual Paint Party successful
  • What to send to your painters when!

Video 3:

  • How to Set Up your area to film for a Virtual Party
  • What tools and internet is needed
  • How to make your Virtual Paint Party THE PLACE to BE!!!

You’ll also get this BRAND new course that I sell for $97 for FREE! It will teach you how I successfully teach Virtual Paint Parties!    

With the $20 Gold Virtual Upgrade you will not only get the Course, but you will have rights to use ALL my PPHQ designs online HOWEVER you want instead of just for in-person parties!