For years I struggled with keeping up with all of my Paint Party Contacts, Venues, Restaurants, Churches, Country Clubs, and many more.   I used to create giant poster boards with names and contact information so I would know who to follow up with.   Usually it would be lost on a piece of paper that I scribbled on somewhere never to be found.    

Forbes said-
The Entrepreneur is the only person to go from sheer terror to sheer enthusiasm in less than 24 hours. ????????????

I think this is so true of the entrepreneur!   Is that you? 

Well, I hope this planner helps you out!   It makes the crazy a little easier to handle!   This planner also includes Expense Tracking so you can make sure you have a Profit every Party!   

For a limited time (until Friday) you can order your own Paint Party Business Planner!   It will be shipped to you within 3 weeks – Just in time for Christmas!   

Great for under the tree or for yourself!   

Extremely Grateful,