Have you ever made a wreath????   

Last year was the first time in my life I had a wreath on my door.   I’m 39 years old I didn’t really understand the appeal.   

Then my cousin gave me an old Christmas wreath she was getting rid of.   Her house looks like a Hallmark movie during ALL holiday seasons, but especially at Christmas time.   

I graciously accepted the gift, but in my head all I could think was…. “oh crap, now I have to buy a wreath hanger… and why would I want a wreath… and where do you buy a wreath hanger thingy????”.

Then… I DISCOVERED WHY!   Wreaths are FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!    Who knew (except for ALL of you) that wreaths TOTALLY make the porch come to life!  

Here’s a little secret…. I LOVE to paint, but I’ve never really “decorated” before.   Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE those nicely decorated model houses, but my home has been more of a…. as my husband calls it…. A BIG ‘OL ART BOX!    

Painted floors and painted murals all over the place.   

As I get older, I find that I want to make it more like a home.   More like a Hallmark movie at Christmas.   You know… warm and inviting.   Still artsy, but maybe add a wreath or two!  

Hi, I’m Heidi, Founder of Texas Art and Soul and I made my VERY first wreath!!!    

Here’s how it happened!    

I was doing a FB Live and Damon Oates, founder of Deco Exchange was ON MY FB LIVE!   I was FREAKING out!   He’s like a BIG deal in the wreath world and here I am… painting a mermaid tail and finger-painting like a kindergartener trying to remain calm.  Here’s the first video if you want to see it.   

As I’m painting, I briefly show a Truck and Tree door hanger that I taught at many paint parties last year.


He posted in the comments:   Do you sell those?    

I said “YES!”  Then…. he mentioned how it could go on a wreath!     Inspired by this new idea of taking really fun wood paintings that I LOVE to do and then mixing it in with a wreath made my heart happy! 

I could make a version of a wreath that would still allow me to paint, but could also make my door look cool!   Almost like a painting hung on the door. 

I was SOLD!    

Here’s the supplies I used:  

  • Hot Glue Gun (didn’t really work) 
  • Scissors (Should have used Wire Cutters) 
  • Netting from Michaels that came with a shell 
  • 1 Stem of white flowers (because I thought it looked like the little mermaid) 
  • Mini Chalkboard Sign (I broke off the stand with my bare hands… I’m super strong y’all! LOL) 
  • Adorable Wooden Mermaid Tail from  Craft Kreationz (tell them Heidi Easley sent ya in the notes… it pays for my coffee habit!)
  • Acrylic Paint and tons of Metallic Luster from Deco Arts 
  • Vinyl Stencil I created from USCutter 
  • Wooden stick wreath from Micheals – not sure what it’s called… Remember I’m new to the wreath world so be kind please.   🙂   

A simple comment on a FB live from the VERY well known WREATH master, Damon Oates from Deco Exchange inspired me to turn my mermaid tail painting into a End of Summer “Mermaids Live Here” wreath!    

So I cancelled all appointments and cleared my schedule for the rest of the day!     


(looking back I realize my over-excitedness may have been taken a little too far…. is over-excitedness a word???  Anyway, maybe I should have just watched the Kardashians all afternoon.    Nahhhhh…. THIS wreath HAD to be made!!!)  

Inspired and excited for a new challenge, I head straight to Michaels, mermaid tail in hand and buy the supplies needed.   Hurrying home, so I don’t loose my inspiration I get right to work!  

Side Note:   I think it’s really important to ACT on inspiration!    Sometimes if you don’t act when in the moment….. when REALLY inspired…. Tomorrow becomes someday and someday becomes never…. 

And then our dreams die… along with a cute mermaid wreath. 


So quickly I arrive home… and decide… Why not FB live this too!  (2nd video here)  I mean.. How hard can it be??

Well…. It’s hard people!   Real hard.

Although I’m happy with the way my very first wreath turned out, I was tangled in everything!   I used scissors when I should have used wire cutters, used wire when I should have used the brown cords stuff, hot glue when I should have used something else…. Still don’t have that one figured out. 

It was a mess!  

However, It all came together just before picking up my daughter from school.

You see… WE LOVE MERMAIDS AND UNICORNS…. pretty much any magical creature!   Our house is filled with imagination and our motto at Christmas is “if you don’t believe, you don’t receive”

Maybe we take it too far.    Maybe we don’t.  

I tend to enjoy Alice in Wonderland’s quote by Lewis Carroll, “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” more and more as I get older.   

Taking life a little less serious is ALWAYS way more fun.   

So, welcoming my daughter with a wreath that says “Mermaids Live Here” just seemed fitting. 

And, when she quickly said “Mom, that looks like something off Pinterest!!!”  I knew I had done something right! 

I mean… it’s hard to impress a 12 year old!   

Now, the real trick was to see if it stayed together over the next few days with door slams and Texas heat!  

It did!   One little area of hot glue melted, but my handy (misplaced) wire held up the mini chalkboard.   

The thing that most surprised me was the small sense of pride every time I walk into my house.   Knowing I had CONQUERED a wreath!   Like… not just bought it, but MADE it with my own two hands. 

To those of you that already adore wreaths and make your own, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME EARLIER HOW FUN THIS WAS!   You have been holding out!   Or maybe I wasn’t ready to hear it yet.   Okay, I’ll forgive you…. this time.  🙂   

To those of you just getting started out wreath making like me…. know that YOU can do whatever you want!    And it’s okay if you mess up!    It’s fun!   Make a mess, finger paint, cancel plans and explore a new way to create!   

To those of you that buy other makers wreaths…. THANK YOU for supporting artists and makers!   A lot of love and energy are put into those!   I NOW know why they are so costly!   Never understood it before, but can tell you first hand that there is a TON of work and LOVE that goes into one.   

Cheers to the many wreaths and wooden painted pieces ahead!    I look forward to mixing more wooden art pieces into wreaths and can’t wait to share the process!  

I may even make it into one of my paint parties! 

PS:   To learn more about Paint Party Business and how YOU can turn your art or even wreath making into a artsy party…. Check out my FREE business Guide to get you started!