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When I wake up in the morning, I think to myself “How can I help y’all”. That’s my main mission. I want to help you accomplish your goals. And, if you are anything like me and you have a lot you want to do, big dreams and big goals. Maybe there is a lot that you are excited about but you are struggling with finding the time to get it all done. I’m going to share 4 tips that will help you make more time in your day to accomplish your goals.

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Tips to help you find the time to accomplish your goals

Tip 1: Document your day(s)

Grab a sheet of paper or a journal and start documenting everything you do, almost like a food journal. I know it sounds silly but I promise it will all make sense. So, just write down what you’re doing over the next couple of days. Include everything, what you are watching on TV, time spent cooking dinner, etc.

For example, I loved watching The Bachelorette. They have the initial show, the follow up show and then the show after the follow up. I realized I was spending at a minimum an hour and half watching The Bachelorette. But I knew that I really loved what I wanted to with my life more.

By tracking what I was doing I was able to really see what was happening. I was able to add back an hour and half a week by skipping the premier show of The Bachelorette.

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Tip 2: Ask yourself “What do you want in the next 5 years?”

Ask yourself what you want in the next 5 years. For example, Paint Party Headquarters member Jamie launched an art journaling membership. She has almost 100 members and was able to that in just 1 year. I’m sure she had to make some sacrifices to make that happen. I mean just a year ago she was getting her Facebook page up and running and now she has almost 100 members. She told me she would get up early in the morning to do her journaling. She called it Art in the AM and she turned that in to a membership.

You know, Paint Party Headquarters was just an idea 3 years ago. So, reevaluate your time and ask yourself “What do you really want?”.

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Tip 3: Take action when inspired

In my late 20s I had an idea for a book, and it’s so weird because my daughter Pixie recently had the same idea. I was going to take photos of people, like my grandma and older people that I knew, people in their 70s, 80s and 90s. I had this vision of really cool black and white up-close photos. Then an interview with them next to the photo. Asking things like “What is something you would do differently?’ or “What is something you found out in life?”. But, I never did it. Then just a few weeks ago Pixie and I were talking and she told me she wanted to do the same thing! I still really want to do the book.

But, here’s the thing. Had I taken action when I was inspired in my late 20s, the book would already be completed. We all have the same amount hours in the day, it’s all in how we spend them.

not all who wander are lost desert scene painting

Tip 4: Take a day of rest

Sunday is my day of rest. I leave my phone somewhere in the kitchen and do some of my favorite things. Like, lay out in the sun and get in some water. So, what I’m saying is take ONE day to not look at your phone. I’m sure this is causing some anxiety for some of you but it’s sooo important. On Sundays I put my phone away and turn off all the alarms. Now, I’m not perfect so of course, some Sundays I hop on my phone. But I do my best to keep Sunday a day of rest. You have to have one day a week where you are not putting pressure on yourself. I promise, it gets easier the more you do it.

You know, I had to seriously think about how can I do something different that’s going to lead to me accomplishing my goals and help me become successful. Remember, everyone’s definition of success is different, for a long time I thought if I could go to the grocery store and buy name brand chips then I would successful. I know these tips will help you accomplish your goals like they did me.

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