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There are so many ways you can create a creative business and one really great way is using Social Media and marketing. Paint Parties in person, paint parties online, as well as learning how to make money with your art is a skill that you can learn. I am excited to talk to Paint Party Headquarter ladies that are using marketing grow their creative business.

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I caught Sara with ArtVentures Minnesota on a short break from her teaching day job.

She is a full time Art Teacher.

Talk about a Branding master!

Being herself, an authentic person was really important.

She asked herself “What are the things that I am passionate about?”

Hiking, camping and being outdoors is what she loves to do in her down time.

When she does a live she can share authentically about things she knew about.

When she posts on Facebook she keeps true to that.

Even when it comes to the paintings she teaches.

She brainstormed a lot of things when finding a niche.

Sara loves the quote “Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.”

Next we got to meet Sarah with Inspired Parties.

Sarah owns a Brick and Mortar studio.

But when Covid slowed her in person parties she pivoted.

She started an subscription art box membership!

She had a personal epiphany about being consistent with her marketing.

It is so important to track what you do.

Marketing is one of the most important parts of your business.

And being consistent is the most important part of marketing.

Don’t beat yourself up when you falter in your consistency.

Just pick up and keep going.

Meet Jessica with Creative Soule Art!

She does almost every kind of creative thing you can think of.

And she has a new 7 month old baby. And a 9 year old.

She holds her baby while doing her lives.

No excuses.

She thinks outside the box when she thinks of venues.

Jessica has a background with working with Rec centers and Boys and Girls Clubs.

She reached out and impressed 3 local centers!

She encourages you to contact your local centers.

And make sure you pick some dates immediately.

Even if your nervous or scared, just do it!

I loved talking to Jamie from Creations of Studio 39!

She teaches fun and simple ways to be creative in like 30 minutes.

On top of that she also has a subscription box where she teaches art journaling.

Jamie isn’t typical.

She quit her full-time job in December of 2019.

With 10 paint parties scheduled in March, Covid hit.

She had to cancel all of them and was stuck.

Paint Party Headquarters was a life line for her.

She went live on April 1st where she decided to go live 5 days a week!

The best advice she can give is the same advice Heidi gave her.

“Dream Big” and “Fail Fast”