If you are anything like me then you have a MILLION ideas. You want to start a membership but don’t know which of those million ideas is the one you should go with. I’m here to help you narrow down all of your ideas so you can find your niche.

not all who wander are lost desert scene acrylic painting

You Don’t Have to Give Up Your Hobbies

There are so many things I don’t share with my audience. For example, some of you may know that I love painting murals. But I don’t want to teach people how to make money painting murals. Why? It’s a totally different ballgame! You know, some people are really fast painters, some more realistic painters and so many other differences that I just don’t want to teach. Does that mean that I stop painting murals? Absolutely not! Just because I’m not teaching it doesn’t mean I have to give it up.

Help People Solve A Problem

For example, in Paint Party Headquarters I’m able to help so many of y’all learn how to teach paint parties, how to actually do a paint party business and all that comes with it. I didn’t give up my other hobbies or interests when I started Paint Party Headquarters. I just had to make it very clear in that membership that I teach you how to make money teaching paint parties.

You have to combine something you really passionate about and it’s something you can help people with. You have to be able to solve a problem, that’s where the membership really, really helps.

not all who wander are lost desert scene acrylic painting and sunflower landscape acrylic painting

Find Your Niche

Someone asked me “What if I pick something and I’m really bored?”. My response? People ask me the same questions over 1000 times. I answer them with a smile on my face, because I know that if I can get the right information to them so that they can teach a successful paint party, then they’re going to stay in Paint Party Headquarters. And, the more I help them the more they help each other.

So, remember to take a look at what you are passionate about, figure out how to help people with it and solve a problem. This will help you narrow down your interests and find your niche!

Did you narrow down your niche? I’d love hear what it is, text me here and tell me all about it!

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