I just got a commission for a large decorative surfboard. I love doing these commissions, specifically these surfboards! If you don’t know, I started my business by painting small decorative surfboards at an outdoor mall in Panama City Beach, FL. This customer wants a colorful beach sunset as the background so I thought this is the perfect opportunity to show you how to paint that sunset!

Pick Your Paint Colors

I chose red, orange and yellow for my colorful sunset and I love DecoArt acrylic craft paint. I’m also using DecoArt Bluegrass Green and little bit of white paint. Now, you can use any colors you want! Some sunsets are even in blues, purples and pinks.

Blend Your Colors

This is such an easy painting technique and you’ll end up with a beautiful sunset! First just squeeze a line of each color you want. So, I did red, orange and yellow on top and the Bluegrass Green and white on the bottom, this will be the water.  Using a chip brush just start blending your paint colors by brushing your chip brush in a figure eight. If you want a crisp horizon line just use some tape! Paint your sunset then your water. One you remove your tape you can add a little bit darker blue for the water line and just blend with your chip brush.

Add Some Details

You can add a name or flowers or flamingos, really whatever you want! I painted some hibiscus flowers in black on either end. Then I’ll add a quote and white details to finish it off. These are great to teach at paint parties and to use for backyard decor!

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Watch Me Paint a Colorful Beach Sunset

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