I’ll be honest, I have a bit of flamingo fever. The ocean is definitely calling and I was inspired to paint some super cute flamingo designs, on canvas and as a porch leaner.  But, I thought it would be fun to paint my family as a fun group of flamingos.  So, I sketched it out and painted it live on my Facebook page.

Paint the background

Now, I already had my canvas prepped with the ocean and horizon painted. It’s super easy to paint, just pick where you want the horizon and paint your sky above it. Then you will want to paint your ocean.

acrylic painting of flamingos on the beach

How to paint the fun flamingo family

Pick some bright pink paints that remind you of flamingos and grab a liner brush. Don’t be intimidated by the flamingos, they are super easy paint. Just paint out what is almost a backwards question mark. Then add the body of the flamingo to the left then add the beak and legs. Once your outline is done you will fill it in and add all the details.

Add the details

I added a floatie to the “baby” flamingo and a leis to the momma flamingo. I also added some sand for the beach and a palm tree and even some beach grass. You can use white to access the flamingo’s legs and feathers. If you really want to make them pop you can outline them in black.

fun flamingo family painting

You can get a Flamingo Supply List, Tracers, and step-by-step painting instructions here.

If you have flamingo fever like me click here to text me a photo of your most recent flamingo painting.

Watch the tutorial here

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easy diy painting of flamingos with image of acrylic painting of flamingos